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How can I get negative ions at no cost?

15. How can I get negative ions at no cost?

Q.15 - How can I absorb negative ions effectively in my room?

A.15 - It is not practical but it is ideal if you have no devices that generate positive ions in your room such as oil stoves, fan heaters, some electronic appliances and cigarette smoke because positive ions cancel out negative ions. You should maintain humidity at 40-60% because negative ions are said to be generated efficiently within this humidity range. You should also ventilate the air because negative ions as well as their positive counterparts can be absorbed by the human body and the fresh air, which contains negative ions, comes in when ventilating. Based on our experience, foliage plants may work. As a conclusion, you should have a negative ion generator to fully enjoy negative ions.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
(Universal Plan Co., Ltd.)
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Negative ion generation in the natural environment
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