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How are negative ions generated by the electron radiation method?

Q.27 How are negative ions generated by the electron radiation method?
This method, which is also known as the pulse discharging method, has a negative discharge electrode needle only. High Voltage Pulse* is added to the electrode to generate electrons.

These electrons are dispersed towards the floating capacitor and collide with oxygen molecules to ionize the oxygen.

Unlike corona discharging, this method does not cause ionization near the discharge electrode because the high voltage pulse has a smaller energy than that of the DC discharging method. No ozone is produced due to the smaller energy.

*Electric current which flows only for a second.

Reference: Encyclopedia of applications of air negative ion (co-authored by Tomoo Ryushi and Hisao Sasaki, supervised by Japan Society of Indoor Environment and Health)
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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