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Can I enjoy negative ion effects with a small amount of negative ions only?

04. Can I enjoy negative ion effects with a small amount of negative ions only?

Q.04 - Negative ion counts vary widely among negative ion products. e.g. Negative ion blankets generate 2,000 +/- (pcs/cc), while negative ion generators and air conditioners with negative ion generation function produce 10,000-50,000 (pcs/cc). Does this mean the blankets have much lower performance?

A.04 - The negative ion count detected at a distance from the generator is important as the ion count drops as you go further away from it. e.g. A tourmaline blanket generates much fewer negative ions but you can absorb most of the negative ions it generates. This is because it always makes contact with you while in use, thus the distance is 0. On the contrary, a negative ion generator generates far more negative ions but it usually stays a few meters away from you. This means only a fraction of the negative ions detected at the blow off point reach you as many of them are absorbed by the desk/floor/table/wall on the way to you.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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