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Doesn't a negative ion bracelet work on the human body?

21. Doesn't a negative ion bracelet work on the human body?

Q.21 - I heard that a negative ion bracelet does not work because it generates negative ions only when it is stimulated. Is this true?

A.21 - There are some products which do not work effectively because they generate only very small amounts of negative ions. However if you have a bracelet which generates negative ions without external force, you can effectively absorb the negative ions despite the relatively small surface area because the bracelet touches your skin when worn around the wrist.
Author: Masaharu Nemoto
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Tourmaline-eRing-long (Red X 1pcs) (53cm) (Tourmaline Silicon Bracelet)

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Tourmaline-eRing-long (Red X 1pcs) (53cm)

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