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Tourmaline Floating Tiger

Product Number: YT-1-Y
Price: US$35.00
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Marketing Manager: Masaharu Nemoto
Product summary

Comfortable tourmaline bathing

You can enjoy comfortable tourmaline bathing! The tourmaline water keeps your body warm and makes your skin smooth.
It helps to improve blood circulation. Good for shoulder stiffness and atopic dermatitis! The bathtub is maintained clean.

Floating friends!

Yellow tiger
(Product on this page)
Tourmaline Floating Tiger
Tourmaline Floating Tiger
Pink hippopotamus Tourmaline Floating Hippopotamus
Tourmaline Floating Hippopotamus
Affordable Hippopotamus & Tiger Combo - Great deal! Tourmaline Floating Tiger & Hippopotamus Combo
Tourmaline Floating Tiger & Hippopotamus Combo
P/N: YT-1-Y
Product name Tourmaline Floating Tiger
Outer fabric 100% Cotton
Inner stuff Natural tourmaline stones, expanded polystyrene form, polystyrene/cotton wool
Weight approx. 126g
Limited Warranty 1 year from the date of receipt
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